Snow, PA/MA

This was a seasonal 35mm project studying the landscapes of two familiar locations. I sought to capture a variety of emotions within the changing face of the neighborhoods. Some poems were written by my sister to accompany them. 8 months swollen / belly beneath down<p>out all day / hefting heavy loads </br>clear the long drive / protect </br>the one who brought you to this world</p><p>keep him warm</p> i thought / have many children, </br>to keep up the farm / as it has been </br>for time immemorial<p>for time immemorial </br>for my many children, </br>i keep up the farm. The barn door, a mouth </br>wants to swallow you up<p>Do not go in Papa!</p><p>We will not see you again for hours.</p> Baggies over socks under boots </br>Hot chocolate when we come in </br>Swiss miss from the packet </br>Clothes strewn </br>Draped over chairs before kerosene heaters Before goretex </br>polypropylene / capilene  </br>Prior to shells / gaters </br>thermal layers<p>in the time of / Wool and wood </br>we did this.</p> glaring bright </br>squint </br>at the sky </br>at the ground </br>once inside </br>dark curtains fall </br>shading sight I am afraid of everything </br>is it hardwired in my </br>d / n / a </br>or will this new being </br>be immune / strong </br>whole where i have holes a monofilamentally small line between </br> pleasing-you-makes-me-happy </br>and </br>i-am-afraid-to-make-you-unhappy "oh i pine for yew" boots crunch </br>each step slides </br>to where? </br>a mystery </br>guided by / gut </br>and cold tootsies In the back seat of the car </br>I know exactly where we are </br>In the back seat<p>I am on my back staring up </br>At the paths draped gently against the sky </br>I can feel the turn before she makes it </br>Home, home, home, home, home.</p>